Holiday Workshop

Here are the details regarding our holiday workshop:
December 8, at 11:00 AM at Brenda Kramer’s home.
The garden club will provide flowers and cranberries to hold the flowers in place.
Your contribution would be a glass container, that you do not want back, and greens/filler for the arrangement. Remember these are table arrangements so we need to make them low, about 10”, so we can see each other over the flowers.
These arrangements will be brought to our venue for the Holiday party as our centerpieces to be raffled off at the end of the evening. Please let Pam Atkins know if you will attend by December 5 for a count for Brenda and the purchase of flowers:


TRGC  Meeting Minutes October 21, 2021

Zoom meeting

               Meeting was brought to order at 12:15 a.m. By Elaine Lombardi (President)

Elaine Lombardi, President 

  • Elaine Welcomed everyone 
  • Claudia introduced her guest. Shoshanna Weiss of Waterford
  • A motion to waive reading of the minutes and they were accepted Brenda/Kristin.
  • The 92nd FGCT Awards meeting being held on October 27, 2021 will be a zoom meeting. You. An go on line to register
  • A workshop to make Fall flower arrangements at Brenda’s house on October 27 at 11:00 a.m. Bring your flowers and get together with other club members.
  • The November meeting will be held in person at the Waterford library with our luncheon. Hostesses will serve the members. The Hostesses are Vonice Carr, Joan Treadow, Barbara Allen and Jan Theiler
  • Our speaker for November is Nancy Ballek MacKinnon, houseplants and their personalities. Plants will be available for purchase, cash or check only.
  • The Holiday party will be December 10 at Langley’s. A flyer will be going out shortly.
  • Workshops were suggested to have quarterly and maybe coincide with a Holiday theme.
  • Sandy Kelly suggested a plant donation in memory of Anne Hunsinger at Bates Woods. Elaine will check with NL parks and rec.
  • The New England Garden Club organization had their annual meeting in Welles Maine. Elaine, Vonice and Pam attended. Nice event and there was a presentation on floral and garden photography.
  • There will be a Flower show in Hartford, February 24-27,
  • Elaine asked if anyone has any ideas or learns of an event of interest, please let her know so she can inform the membership.

Claudia- VP

  • Decided not to do a Fall dig. If anyone needs help with winter storage if you have already dug, let Claudia know.
  • Several members may have possible new members
  • Joan Treadow-Treasurer – Report is attached to minutes
  • There are still outstanding dues, hope to collect at the November meeting.


      Claudia has pots if you need them

       We still need a Civic chair and Ways and Means chair

       Asked Ivy Plys  to bring something to November for environmental committee 

       Committees will speak when they have something to report at the in person meetings.

        Barbara Mingo sent a picture of her pumpkin arrangement for the Ct awards meeting to be voted on. Barbara went to Scott’s and hand picked her flowers and picked her pumpkin as well

        Vonice encouraged members to attend and/volunteer for the February flower show. She also encouraged members to enter a design or horticulture submission. 

If you are interested, contact Vonice for an email or contact.

Motion to adjourn Brenda/Elaine

Adjourned 12:51

Respectfully submitted

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary

TRGC  Meeting Minutes October 21, 2021

September 2021 – Minutes

TRGC  Meeting Minutes September 16, 2021

Zoom meeting

               Meeting was brought to order at 12:15 a.m. By Elaine Lombardi (President)

Elaine Lombardi, President 

  • Elaine Welcomed everyone 
  • Elaine listed all officers and committee chairs
  • Elaine thanked the Bucklin’s for the June meeting
  • Membership Book. Elaine thanked Vonice for putting our book together, having it printed and delivered to Claudia. Vonice thanked Karen Neilan for proof reading.       
  • Sandy Kelly has been voted in as a  privileged member by the executive board.  It was reviewed and she more than qualified.
  • The 92nd FGCT Awards meeting being held on October 27, 2021at the Aqua Turf is still on at this time.
  • Our club has volunteered to do table arrangements. A workshop will be October 25 at Brenda Kramer’s.
  • Guest Day will be held as a zoom meeting. It was decided as the safest option right now.
  • Susan Bellefleur has Margery Winters secured as the October speaker
  • The Holiday party will be December 10 at Langley’s
  • Ann Hunsinger has passed, Elaine asked for suggestions to honor her.
  • Claudia suggested a hydrangea possibility planted at the library or Beebe house.
  • Elaine asked if we were receiving the emails from FGCT and also mentioned looking through to check out the courses.
  • There will be a Flower show in Hartford, February 24-27, 2022
  • Elaine listed the garden club trips for the future
  • Elaine spoke about the New England annual meeting in Wells Maine
  • Elaine read a poem encouraging membership 

Claudia- VP

  • Claudia did a roll call
  • Asking members to stay with us during this time and asking us to look for new members and attend our meetings.
  • Claudia has our books and asked members to stop by her house to pick them up.
  • Claudia has an avocado to give away
  • It was discussed to have a Fall dig at Judy’s, Claudia had mentioned Phyllis Cushing and Sheila Elliott are willing to winter over. Marie will organize the dig.
  • Everett Munro suggested using peat moss to plant our plants. Vonice mentioned buying light soil mix for potting soil from Ocean State Job Lot.
  • Joan Treadow-Treasurer – Report submitted
  • Asked Members to hand in their checks for Annual Dues.
  • Joan paid the donations and has already received thank you from some.

Adjourned 1:00pm

TRGC minutes – June 2021

TRGC  Meeting Minutes June 17, 2021

Eastern Point Beach and Bucklins Home

               Meeting was brought to order at 12:15 a.m. By Elaine Lombardi (President)

Elaine Lombardi, President 

  •  Elaine thanked Richard and Jane Bucklin for hosting the venue and viewing their Gardens and also thanked the dessert makers, Hosts, Rod and Pam Atkins and Brenda Kramer and the Bucklins.
  • Elaine Welcomed everyone 
  • The May Meeting at the Atkins’ with Trish Manfredi’s beautiful arrangements was successful.
  • May Minutes approved Ruth/Val motion passed
  • Membership Book.  Elaine will speak to each Committee Chair to update the committees as needed.                               
  • Guest Day will be held in October at St. Paul’s Church, with Michael Deroyn he was very entertaining at one of the Federated Luncheons.
  • Elaine announced that all members, officers and committee chairs should submit in writing prior to the monthly meeting to Pam Atkins, Recording Secretary.  This will be part of the minutes and Elaine will be able to put this in the Agenda for timing of the meeting.

Vonice Carr- VP

  • Announced the resignation of Juanita Toledo, we are down to 61 members, 11 privileged. Also, Pat Uguccioni, Joyce Beaudion, Betty Ann Covello also resigned.
  • Please call Vonice with any changes for the Membership Book by August 1.
  • Joan Treadow-Treasurer – Report is attached to minutes
  • Asked Members to hand in their checks for Annual Dues.
  • TRGC Annual Donations – There is plenty of room for more Philanthropic commitments for our club. We discussed making donations to Grasso Tech, however it was mentioned that it is more beneficial for them if we contribute items such as potting soil to their greenhouse. We will discuss this and other donations further at a future meeting. 
  • A list of Charities was distributed to members to review 
  • We added Gemma Moran Food Bank to donations
  • Membership Voted on the list of charities, Motion Passed

Donation Correspondence

Elaine read the thank you letter from Denison-Pequotsepos Nature Center

Committee Reports

Plant Sale – Claudia Kenyon – Co-Chair

  Spoke about the Plant Sale Summary Meeting at Shiela Elliot’s Home

  •      Transportation is needed for plants to the venue
  •       Mother’s day table was successful with house plants, tea cups, also the raffle table was great with 12 items.  Manly Church and Ethel Gerity were in charge and they did a great job.
  • Will try to put hanging baskets in the front of the Town Hall building weather permitting to have notice from the street.
  • We may eliminate the Kids Table and the Food Table to make more room for plants
  • We will use the same size pots for all perennials next year and make pricing more uniform

Civic Committee- Jan Theiler

  • Civic committee worked hard to keep Bebee gardens looking good and cleaned up when needed.
  • Ann Theibault, Committee worked on the Blue Waterford Sign.  They put in plants and cleaned up the area. Suggested we donate the money for the plants.  Elaine said they would have to submit a request for the executive board, however, Jan feels there may be some money left from their budget. 
  • Jan asked for members to join the Civic Committee.

Hospitality – Patricia Hancock

  • Asked for people to sign up for hosting luncheons
  • Sheila Elliott volunteered to store the supplies over the Summer
  • Asked for a volunteer to replace Juanita Toledo to take over the flowers for Guest Day, Pam Atkins volunteered to do this with help of other members.

Elaine asked for committee Chairs for

Ways and Means

Ivy will take over Environmental Studies and Conservation

Nominating – Brenda Kramer

All officers will continue for another year except the following:

New Officers : Richard Bucklin  is now installed as Assistant Treasurer

                         Claudia Kenyon is now installed as Vice-President

Meeting adjourned at 1:00, Regina/Val

Respectfully submitted

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary

June Luncheon



Zbierski House, Eastern Point Beach, One Beach Pond Rd, Groton

Please join us for a beautiful day at the Beach for our Annual June Luncheon meeting/ installation of officers and a 

Special Treat 


We will meet at 11:30 for a prepared box lunch and our Meeting/Officer Installation followed by a short walk to view the beautiful gardens of Richard and Jane Bucklin where we will have dessert and wine/iced tea.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Name _________________________________


Please return with your check for $15 to Brenda Kramer,

before June 14, 2021

TRGC minutes May 20, 2021

TRGC Executive Meeting Minutes May 20, 2021

In attendance: Elaine Lombardi-President, Pamela Atkins- Recording Secretary, Vonice Carr-Vice-President,  Joan Treadow-Treasurer, Brenda Kramer-Immediate Past President, Patricia Hancok, Susan Bellefleur, Laurie Markowicz

Absent- Betty Ann Coviello

               Meeting was brought to order at 12:15 a.m. By Elaine Lombardi (President)

29 Members were in attendance

Elaine Lombardi, President 

  •  Elaine thanked Pam and Rod Atkins for hosting the venue for our meeting, also thanked the dessert makers, Mary Anne Richards, Everett Munro, Phyllis Grohocke and Patricia Hancock.
  • Elaine Welcomed everyone to the meeting and back to seeing one another.
  • Elaine invited members to introduce guests. Pam Atkins introduced Emily Aldrich, Rod’s sister and her friend, Paulette Meijer. Claudia introduced her guest.
  • The April zoom meeting with Margery Winters speaking on the Geology of Ct was successful. We had about 24 members in attendance.
  • Elaine has confirmed that we should be meeting in person in the Waterford Library in September and our next meeting will be at Eastern Point Beach, One Beach Pond Rd, Groton and the home of Richard and Jane Bucklin, 26 Tyler St, Groton on June 17. Brenda Kramer distributed informational flyers to members in attendance and will mail to those who were not at the meeting.
  • Membership Book.  Vonice has kindly agreed to update the Annual Yearbook.She requested that all committee chairs send her updated information as well as corrections and changes for members prior to August.
  • Patty Hancock passed around list for hostesses, please contact her to sign up for future meetings, we must have this done before August 1.
  • Vonice discussed the planting of the Memorial Tree for Josie.  It will be planted along with five other trees at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital through “New London Trees”. We contributed $100.
  • Since the resignation of Pat Uguccioni, we are in need of a Ways and Means chair.
  • The Annual Plant sale was a great success! Phyllis Grohocki spoke about purchasing the plants from Grasso Tech (we had to pay this year because they lost their grant) and Malerba’s garden center in Norwich. We sold out of all our annuals, veggies and herbs and feel we can purchase more next year. Claudia spoke about the Perennials. We had the help of many members and sold most of our plants. She was grateful for all the efforts of membership and we had a record year of sales.
  • The Bebee Garden is coming along nicely
  • Guest Day will be at St Paul’s church on October 21, 2021. The Speaker is designer Michael Device. He is very entertaining and talented.
  • New Members, a few people have emailed looking to join the club. Elaine went over the criteria.
  • Sheila Elliott is working with a pollinating organization and asked our club for our help.
  • Mary Anne Hauser announced that Waterford Historical Society is having a meeting on June 5, for training to a become a volunteer guide.

Vonice Carr, Vice-President

  • Please contact Vonice if you are unable to come to the meetings
  • We had three members resign, Joyce Beudion, Betty Ann Covello, Pat Uguccioni. We are now at 63 active members.

Nominations, Brenda Kramer

  • Due to the restrictions during the past year, several officers have agreed to stay on another year.  We will be installing a new Assistant Treasurer Treasure- Richard Bucklin and a new Vice-President-Claudia Kenyon
  • Joan Treadow-Treasurer – Report is attached to minutes
  • There are still outstanding dues
  • TRGC Annual Donations – There is room for more Philanthropic commitments for our club. We will discuss donations further at a future meeting. 
  • A list of our charity list will be going out to members.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00, Brenda Kramer/Mary AnnRichard

Respectfully submitted

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary

March 16, 2021 Update

Good morning Members,
I hope everyone is doing well. Now that the outside world is opening up slowly, we are starting to get back to some kind of normalcy. With that being said I want to update you on what is going on.
March 18: This Thursday will be another zoom presentation. Our speaker is Julia Jankowski from the Mystic Seaport. Her power point presentation is on 19th Century Gardening at Mystic Seaport. It will be at 1pm and last for about an hour. Ivy Plis is the club liaison for this event. You will find the link below to join the event.
April 15: The April speaker had to be changed. The new speaker is Majorie Winters and she will be speaking on the “Connecticut’s Story”. Brief summary of it’s content: Geologically, Connecticut was once the center of the world. With mountains higher than the Himalayas and was once located just off the coast of Africa. Unravel the stories of Connecticut’s exciting geological past that are told by the rocks around us.
May20: Our scheduled speaker is Trish Manfredi. Pam is still working on making sure if she will be able to present her presentation through zoom. We will still have a presenter, even if Trish can’t do it.. 
June Luncheon:  I talked to Richard Bucklin the other day. Rich said Jane and  himself have been discussing it. They will have a better idea in the beginning of April if they will host the luncheon at their home. We throw some ideas around. The big issue is to keep everyone safe and healthy. I think most , if not all, of us will have had the vaccination.
Thank you Sue Bellefleur and her committee for doing an awesome job in obtaining speakers.
Plant Sale May 8: We will be holding our annual plant sale as the Waterford Town Hall has reserved the date for us. We will be able to use the indoor area as we have before. There is a blood drive on Friday, so it will be setting up on the day of the sale. Maria and Claudia are working with their committee now. If you have any ideas or anything you would like to share, please call either one of them. They would love to hear from you.
Josie Esposito: A tree is planned to honor Josie’s memory. At this point, we are still working out the details. Vonice Carr is working with several groups that are planning to  plant trees by Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. We would donate one and the other groups are going to plant and maintain them.
Beebe Garden: Jan Theiler and her committee have been busy maintaining the ground and by the Waterford  sign. In the fall they dug up and replanted plants around the sign, as well as planted many spring bulbs, We should be seeing signs of the bulb coming up soon. They also decorated for the holiday season making wreaths and boughs.
Thank you Everyone for your patience through this last year of lockdown. The future’s looking brighter as the cases  of the Covid virus are lowering.   

Elaine LombardiPresidentThames River Garden Club

Wreath Making Workshop

offered by Thames River Garden Club and the Waterford Historical Society, Inc.

WHERE: Goshen Fire Department, 2nd floor meeting room, 63 Goshen Road, Waterford, CT 06385
WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2020

Workshop A: 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Workshop B: 10:30 a.m. – 12 noon

  • Create a beautiful wreath from a variety of live evergreens on a reusable metal frame. All materials will be provided.
  • Learn wreath-making tips from experienced gardeners.
  • Learn the history of decorative holiday wreaths.
  • COST: $30 general public; $25 members of Waterford Historical Society, Inc. or Thames River Garden Club
  • RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by Thursday, November 12: *call 860-389-7529 to provide information requested below
    *e-mail the information requested below to
    *snail mail the information below to Waterford Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 117, Waterford, CT 06385 NAME:
    Please reserve a seat for me in Workshop A (8:30AM) / B (10:30AM). (Circle A or B.) Check payable to “Waterford Historical Society, Inc.”

TRGC meeting September 24 (rain date September 25)


Date: Thursday September 24, 2020
Rain Date: Friday September 25, 2020
Time: 11:30 am
Place: Harkness State Park
Please contact Vonice Carr (860-444-1785) or email her if you plan to attend as we will be providing all attendees with a box lunch from Ivy’s consisting of a chicken salad sandwich, chips and a bottle of water.
Please bring a chair and dress for the weather as it could be breezy by the water.
Hopefully we will see you there,
Elaine Lombardi
Thames River Garden Club