TRGC minutes – November 2018

Thames River Garden Club Minutes

November 15, 2018

Attendance Active: 31 Privileged: 2 Excused: 13

President Brenda Kramer called the meeting to order at 12:20. Brenda praised the delicious luncheon prepared and served by hosts Vonice Carr, Suzy Young, Phyllis Cushing, and Denise Heinrich. She asked that the attendance sheets be passed and whether any guests were present, and Pam Atkins introduced her guest, Richard Buckland. Jan Theiler moved to waive the reading of the minutes of the September 20 meeting and accept the minutes as written. Motion passed.

President’s Report. Brenda thanked all who made Guest Day such a great success. She invited everyone to look at the photo album she lovingly maintains to remember what a special day it was. Brenda also spoke about the FGCCT Awards Luncheon held October 24 and congratulated Juanita Toledo and Barbara Mingo for receiving special FGCCT awards at the luncheon: Barbara for her innovative ideas and demonstrations of container plantings for garden therapy at the New London Rehabilitation and Care Center and Juanita for her outstanding efforts to facilitate environmental awareness and sensitivity; Juanita donated bottles of her environmental cleaning solution to each garden club present. Photos of the luncheon at Aqua Turf are also contained in our photo album. Brenda emphasized her pride in the club, which was well represented at the luncheon. Brenda reminded members to remember, if they hadn’t already, to send in checks for the holiday gathering at her home Friday, December 7; her home is already decorated and ready for us to come! Transitioning to Bylaws, Brenda said that discussion of proposed changes will resume in April when Ethel Gerity returns from St. Croix. Please contact Brenda or the bylaws committee with any questions or concerns about bylaws in the meantime.

Two future events to keep in mind: February 21-24, 2019—Connecticut Flower Show, April in Paris, at the Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford. October 30, 2019—FGCCT Awards Meeting and Luncheon at Aqua Turf Club in

Plantsville. Tablescapes will again be offered, this time with the theme, Connecticut Authors (Brenda and Pam Atkins represented TRGC in fall 2018 with their tablescape, Dinner and a Movie[Mystic Pizza]).Volunteers are needed to design one of the ten tablescapes for the 2019 luncheon.

Vice President’s Report. Elaine Lombardi announced that the St. Matthias hall will only be available for church members’ use so that we will need to find another location for future Guest Days.

Treasurer’s Report. Phyllis Teeson reported.

 Barbara Skinner moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written. Motion passed.

Committee Reports.

Civic—Jan Theiler brought photos from the October 23 cleanup of the grounds of the Waterford historical buildings. She asked committee members to take supplies to make wreaths to decorate the Beebe-Phillips House, school house, Park House, barn, and blacksmith shop for the holidays, with delivery to be made the day after Thanksgiving. Jan encouraged members to help themselves to some flax seeds she’d brought in. A Norway Spruce has been planted between the Beebe-Phillips House and Park House to replace the tree that was donated in memory of Terry Pfeil.

Garden Therapy—Patty Hancock said that Fisher Florist generously donated all fresh flowers for arrangements to be made with the clients of New London Rehabilitation and Care Center of Waterford.

Horticulture—Suzy Young reported that the horticulture committee offers three horticultural submission opportunities per year for members to gain experience and additional knowledge. We rotate TRGC members as our “internal judges,” supplying them with copies of the judging procedures from the National Garden Clubs Handbook for Flower Shows, plus other informative materials. Suzy offered to share the more specific Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging official supplement with anyone looking for judging details on a particular plant. She encouraged members to investigate how much horticultural information can be found in books at our local libraries.

Nominating—Everett Munro said that an additional two members are needed on the nominating committee. Positions are also open for Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.

Ways and Means—Pat Uguccioni said that the price for TRGC aprons will go up to $20 to cover an increase in cost. She also shared that cookbooks are available for sale.

Workshops— Everett Munro encouraged members to attend the Holiday Workshop with Juanita Toledo at Christ Lutheran Church scheduled for December 4 from 10 till noon.

Pam Atkins moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:55. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Skinner, Recording Secretary

Happy Holidays!

Dear Members of the Thames River Garden Club,

             Your generosity in giving to Safe Futures is so heartwarming. You have helped to make Christmas so special for those who are going through tremendous challenges.

                Phyllis and I dropped off the beautiful gifts; Susan Noyes was there to greet us like old friends.  On behalf of Safe Futures, she expressed sincere gratitude to our members who have been so thoughtful.  I think this was the first time I’ve left the center with make-up still on, but I don’t know how.  Thinking about what the Safe Future clients are going through and what the many community volunteers are doing to help is beyond touching.

                You have made a difference!

                Thank you.

                Merry Christmas!


Holiday Workshop – December 4th



Wreath Making – Garland Making – Holiday Arrangement

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2018 – 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon

PRESENTER: Juanita Toledo 860-442-4678
CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH – 24 Society Road, East Lyme, CT


Reminders: Please bring the following:
1. Wreath ring
2. Wire
3. Evergreens, extras to share e.g. Boxwoods,Pines and Rhododendrons
4. Trimmings e.g. Pine cones, Berries, Twigs and Xmas ornaments
5. Ribbons you like to use..will help you make it
6. Clippers



TRGC Meeting Thursday November 15th

Reminder: Thames River Garden Club meeting will be this Thursday, November 15th, at the Waterford Library

Adam Wheeler, Broken Arrow Nursery, will be our speaker.

The topic is Oddball Plants for Oddball People!!  This should be very interesting!

FGCCT Awards October 24, 2018

Dear Members of the TRGC,

                Sixteen TRGC members helped Barbara Mingo celebrate her birthday today at the FGCCT Awards Luncheon. Happy Birthday, Barbara!

I am so pleased to announce that we had two FGCCT award winners. Please see attached photos.

Juanita Toledo won the Environmental Award, established in 1993, for outstanding involvement in areas of environmental awareness.

Juanita’s goal to promote, “The Power of One” in sharing the All Purpose Cleaner in the hope to expand the usage to others in the community was enthusiastically  welcomed today. Juanita made a bottle of cleaner for every club (60) to take back and share with their own club members.

Barbara Mingo won a certificate of Individual Achievement for her innovative ideas and demonstrations of container plantings at Waterford and East Lyme libraries.

                                We all know how beautiful her designs are!

CONGRATULATIONS, Juanita and Barbara!!!!! Thank you for representing the Thames River Garden Club as award winners for our club.



Guest Day!

Thank you to Elaine Lombardi for chairing the Hostess Committee and organizing the hostessing for
this special event.
A huge thank you to all the hostesses:
Elaine Lombardi, Marian Shilstone, Ruth Hammell, Judy Graziano, Elaine Livingston, Betty Ann
Chapman, Rosemarie Bagioni, Barbara Skinner, and Peggy Schepp-Ashkenazi.
The floral arrangements were magnificent!
Thank you, floral arrangers, led by Juanita Toledo:
Thank you to all the floral arrangers:
Juanita Toledo, Susan Bellefleur, Phyllis Cushing, Maria Zalegowski, and Claudia Kenyon

Thank you to our treasurer, Phyliss Teeson, for taking care of the financials and keeping everything
regarding the money on track.

Thank you to Ruth Hammell and Barbara Mingo for their motivational ticket selling!!!

Thank you to Pam Atkins and Susan Bellefleur-Co-Program Chairs for making sure that we had an
outstanding speaker. Your efforts are very much appreciated.